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So here’s me

(So I started writing this a couple weeks ago, then got sick, so that’s why the dearth of content on my end. Sorry ’bout that everyone, and here’s hoping that won’t be a problem going forward.)

Hai guys, I’m Tristan, and I suppose we’ve already gotten to know each other a little bit already. I like to read (obviously), play games, and that’s enough of the canned singles ad kind of stuff. Why do people do that? It really doesn’t tell you anything about the person. When you say you like to take moonlit walks on the beach, why is that? Is it simply because it’s pleasant, or is a beach the last place you ever saw your dad and it brings back memories of him? And in the case of that last one, am I intruding? You see, all it does is make things even less clear than it was before. This won’t be one of those.

So who am I really? I’m a guy that loves Star Wars for a myriad of reasons, writing simply because it is interesting combining words to form maybe not poignant thoughts, but thoughts nonetheless, and making people smile. What better thing is there to give someone than a smile? You can’t take it away because the moment has passed, and they’re free and easy to cause.

I think in some way I’ve always been a writer, all you’d have to do is ask my mom about the stories I dictated to her before I could read or write a single letter. It was something I struggled with for years, because that’s what writing is, a struggle. Even admitting you like doing something as stressful as writing can be tough sometimes, as it took me more than a decade to finally admit that to myself, and now here I am writing on a blog simply because it’s something I like doing. I like it well enough to try going for a creative writing degree like Rachel, but unlike her I couldn’t handle some of the other required classes (damn that physics or chem requirement. My mind works with words and images, not numbers.) Now I’m working on a novel with Nick, and it’s somewhat shocking (and appalling far too many times) to look back at what we wrote three years ago and see how utterly mediocre it actually was. At least there was a good story in it, or we might have just dropped the whole thing.

Oh, speaking of images, I’m also something of an artist type person. At least I like to pretend I am, and that’s why I’m currently getting a Graphic Design degree. At least it means I’d be doing something different on a regular basis, because I am not one to deal with monotony well. I also don’t think I had much of a chance on this one. I’ve been surrounded by art and artistic people my whole life, from my Grandfather (he made totem poles and wooden statues in his back yard, I even got to help when I was nine), to my Dad with his Masters in Fine Arts, to my mother who’s been fooling around with the stuff since I was a wee little tyke. I do it because that’s what creative people do, they just have to find some kind of outlet to do stuff or they get depressed or a case of the crankies from hell. I’ve dealt with both, and neither one is terribly fun.

I suppose that’s probably enough rambling about stuff like that, and we should probably come to the point of this site: Star Wars (and the broader spectrum of Sci-Fi/Fantasy). I’m unfortunately too young to have seen it in theaters, but I’m hoping to remedy that as the 3-D versions come out (knock on wood). But what I wasn’t too young for was my Grandfather to show me the first one when I was seven or eight, and to have a marathon viewing of them because I was hooked. I even liked the ewok movies, which I suppose should qualify as a “dirty little secret”, but if you can’t talk about that kind of stuff around here, where can you? I suppose because of that I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for ewoks, with Tarfang easily being my favorite. Just the idea of an ewok with a deathmark and a dirty mouth is just funny.

From the movies it was an incredibly easy jump to reading the books, as I became an avid reader at a very young age. Maybe not to the point of my brother who read the Silmarillion at age seven, but you know, not everyone can do that kind of thing. I honestly don’t even remember what the first Star Wars book I read was considering how long ago that was, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was either the Thrawn Trilogy (doesn’t everyone start there?) or Shadows of the Empire, which is probably one of my favorite books and one I’ve re-read seven or eight times. There are few other things I’ve read as many times, but another Star Wars set of books is on that list as the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy is one of those few, and one of my favorite sets of books as well. As of right now I think I’ve read about 130ish Star Wars books, possibly more. So you could say I’m a bit of a nerd, and it’d probably be an understatement.

Incredibly, Star Wars has actually had a huge impact on my life in ways I never could have guessed. I’ve met some of my best friends as a result of my interest in it and finding way back in 2005. I’ve also met my current girlfriend because of that site. And then there’s Nick, who I’m currently writing with, as well as all of the other fine folk that are involved in this blog. It’s kind of amazing what kind of impact something as seemingly inconsequential as Star Wars can actually have on someones life. It’s the little things you could say. It was also role playing games on those same discussion forums that made me finally admit to myself that I enjoy writing, and where I started working on improving my abilities in regard to that. Sure, I wrote some fanfic, but it was definitely not the primary area that I worked on writing.

So where does that leave me now? I’m not terribly sure, as I’m still discovering myself, and still discovering Star Wars, which is something that I don’t think you can ever fully understand or know. Something as large or complex as an individual, or a universe like Star Wars, is always changing and growing, and hopefully we can all do some of that throughout the life of this blog. Maybe we’ll even have some fun along the way and find something thought provoking in that galaxy far, far away.