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The Most Beautiful Slums in the Galaxy (The History of the Coruscant Underworld)

Some may be surprised to know but I think that the Coruscant Underworld is one of the most beautiful locales in the galaxy. Even though I would want to live their due to the crime, the pests, and never seeing sunlight. But it really is a truly beautiful place I mean look.


That is just amazing scenery and also my wallpaper.

But now unto business. The history of the Coruscant Underworld is riddled with crime and bounty hunters. In the pre-Republic era the bottom fifty layer of the planet were covered and several mutant species evolved.

When the Republic came into power the government did little to improve the situation. Food shortages led to riots and smuggling and when the Republic started to fall the situation got even worse. Crime lords, spice dealers, everyday criminals, and other outlaws moved in and start to cause even more problems. The problem even got so bad that the government declared marshal law in some sectors.

When the Empire came it became even worse. Even though the Imperials had more presence due to the hunt for the remaining Jedi who survived the Second Jedi Purge, they paid a blind eye to crime much like how they treated most of the galaxy (Wow, I am sounding anti-Imperial).

During the New Republic era things yet again got worse. With the Imperial Remnant attacking every few years much devastation was caused to the lower levels, which let them open for attack from the Yuuzhan Vong whom terra-formed the whole planet including the Underworld. Even with efforts from the Galactic Alliance barely recovered but it still kept going.

Im the times of Cade Skywalker the Underworld the underworld was mostly controlled by the Hutts and still was effected by the Vongspawn virus. 

So there is a quick rundown of the history of the Coruscanti underworld I hope you all enjoyed.


The Canceled Games

Hello again everyone, it’s me LazyStormTrooper again. Today, as a sequel to my article on the State of Star Wars games, I will be talking about the games that were canceled this past April upon the closure of LucasArts. I will only be talking about 1313, First Assault and the social game Outpost as they are the only games we knew anything about.To start I will talk about the only officially announced game which is 1313.

Back in June of 2012 at E3 LucasArts announced their first in-house developed title since The Force Unleashed 2. It was called 1313.The game was going to run on the Unreal 3 engine. From the trailers, we saw that the game’s story was based on a bounty hunter going to Level 1313 in the deep Coruscanti underworld. We saw little gameplay but from what we did see it almost looked like an Uncharted game in the Star Wars universe. But like all the other games I will be detailing today it stopped its development in October of 2012 and later to be canceled in April of 2013.

Now unto Star Wars: First Assault. This game was only truly leaked around March 2013 but we had known that a Star Wars title named First Assault was at least on the drawling boards since early 2012 when LucasArts registered it copyright. Out of these three games I am writing about today, this was the one I was most looking forward to. The bad part was that when it was canceled it was 99% done. The only thing that they had to really had to do left was to release it (this is of course just leaked info). But if it is really done,

But now let’s talk about the details of the game. The game was a (about) twenty dollar XBLA/PSN first-person shooter multiplayer based game taking place in the time of the Galactic Civil War. Also if the game did well LucasArts would have consider making a Battlefront III (which we are getting anyways now or at least a new installment in the franchise).The game had amazing graphics that looked on par with most games today. It also looked fun to play and even may have had a campaign (We got a cutscene which may or may not have been for multiplayer). And to say again in case you guys up up at Disney did not hear me the first time, RELEASE THE DARN GAME NOW!!!

Lastly the game we know the least about, Outpost. This game was suppose to be Star Wars’ response to games likes of Farmville and FarmTown which have become popular to the casual gaming audience. We have no idea of its price point and while doing research for this post I could not even find anything about it (I originally heard about the game on the ForceCast podcast).

Well that was a quick rundown of the canceled games that we know at least something about.

I would also like to tell everyone that the Republic Sports Radio podcast while be premiering two day from now on Sunday with host Heels and MandaloreYak.