Meet Our Team

Drew/heels1785 (Show Host, Author, Editor)

After seeing The Phantom Menace in theaters in the summer of 1999, a fan was born.  After viewing Attack of the Clones on VHS, and subsequently the Original Trilogy, a true fan was born.  And the rest is history.  Fearless leader of all things SWR, and first line of defense against PT critics!

Tristan/Trimaj (Editor, Author, Research) 

Trimaj blames his Grandfather for everything, showing such an impressionable young person Star Wars at the age of 8 back in 1993… as an older, wiser person, Gramps should have known better. He’s been hooked ever since.  Right hand man here at SWR, and his thoughts are deep.

Whiteeagle (Editor. Author)

Not only is he a funny dude, but his shoes are shined and he’s ready to roll.

SithStarSlayer (Editor, Guest Author)

The honorable manager of the TFN Prequel Trilogy and TV boards, and forever Quinlan Vos.

John/Mandalore Yak (Comics Correspondent, Author)

Master of all things comics.  And a nice guy, too.

Nick/chuckles38 (Author)

SWR’s own provider of “no-spin” analysis.  He’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks!

Lazy Storm Trooper (Author, BlasterPoint Network)

Commander of BlasterPoint Network and expert in all things video game.

Rachel/Thrawn1786 (Author)

Our resident imperial and author extraordinaire!

Interested in joining the team?  E-mail us at


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