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Another game we will never get to play…

It has been recently revealed that we had yet another Star Wars game in the pipeline that will never get to see the light of day. This time the game is based around the butt-kicking Sith Darth Maul, developed by Red Fly (the dev of TMNT: Out of the Shadows). Code-named Damage the game was to feature Maul set after his resurfacing to the galaxy. The game-play was to be heavily based around the Batman Arkham games.

This is the seventh game to be announced that it was canceled in a year. As a gamer this unsettling. I always love playing any Star Wars game, even the bad ones (looking at you Republic Heroes). Now I (and I am sure a lot of other fans do to), just need a game that is a fun time. With the last-gen consoles we didn’t see a single online multiplayer Star Wars game and this is the Golden Age of online gaming. That is why I was looking forward to First Assault so much. All of this looked like a revival of Star Wars games after a decade long drought. 

Seven games, while we know that at least one of this bunch would probably be a load of Bantha Poodoo it here was a good chance for a really nice game that would go down in gaming history’s annuals. If it wasn’t for Disney we would possibly be playing First Assault right now awaiting for 1313 and this Darth Maul game to come out for us to play. Why couldn’t LucasArts and Star Wars games have one last chance to shine before everything got canceled? 

Signing off,



My Crazy Theory about the Sequels and the EU…

Over the past month or so we have been obtaining more and more news about the upcoming Sequel Trilogy. Such as the release date (December 18, 2015 for you guys who are out of the loop) and our first open casting call. 

Earlier today I was sitting in one of classes day dreaming and pondering on these developments. Then I got to thinking about the role of “Rachel” and thought of something interesting.





Was quite young when she lost her parents. With no other family, she was forced to make her way in a tough, dangerous town. Now 17, she has become street smart and strong. She is able to take care of herself using humor and guts to get by.


Always a survivor, never a victim, she remains hopeful that she can move away from this harsh existence to a better life. She is always thinking of what she can do to move ahead.

One thing I would like to point out is that this character is 17 years old. While most people over look that small almost insignificant point I did not. If the movie takes place in 45 ABY right after Crucible and we look back to seventeen years earlier we see that “Rachel” would be born during the Vong War.

Now hear me on this. What if “Rachel’s” parents were killed during the YV War and she was put into a orphanage which she later ran away from. She then have to become let’s say a spice runner or something to survive(first thing I came up with). Bringing the spice across town to a dealer. One day this blows up in her face and is now on the lam from the authorities.

She then meets “Thomas” (the other character from the casting call) and they help each other out and sooner or later get mixed up in the greater galaxy (similar to Luke’s story from A New Hope). This could easily fit with the existing EU and be a fun story.

The story would also show a new generation of characters to the audience that are repeatable. I mean we all have done bad or stupid thing in our lives and this story would show that we can work together with others to be redeemed.

Plus like said before my proposed plot reflects on Luke’s journey in the Original trilogy. Imagine the moment when suddenly these two characters are thrusted into a greater conflict other than their own problems.

Either way that is my crazy theory and feel welcome to give me constructive criticism on my idea because I would love to hear it. Have a nice day or night and may the Force be with you…

The Most Beautiful Slums in the Galaxy (The History of the Coruscant Underworld)

Some may be surprised to know but I think that the Coruscant Underworld is one of the most beautiful locales in the galaxy. Even though I would want to live their due to the crime, the pests, and never seeing sunlight. But it really is a truly beautiful place I mean look.


That is just amazing scenery and also my wallpaper.

But now unto business. The history of the Coruscant Underworld is riddled with crime and bounty hunters. In the pre-Republic era the bottom fifty layer of the planet were covered and several mutant species evolved.

When the Republic came into power the government did little to improve the situation. Food shortages led to riots and smuggling and when the Republic started to fall the situation got even worse. Crime lords, spice dealers, everyday criminals, and other outlaws moved in and start to cause even more problems. The problem even got so bad that the government declared marshal law in some sectors.

When the Empire came it became even worse. Even though the Imperials had more presence due to the hunt for the remaining Jedi who survived the Second Jedi Purge, they paid a blind eye to crime much like how they treated most of the galaxy (Wow, I am sounding anti-Imperial).

During the New Republic era things yet again got worse. With the Imperial Remnant attacking every few years much devastation was caused to the lower levels, which let them open for attack from the Yuuzhan Vong whom terra-formed the whole planet including the Underworld. Even with efforts from the Galactic Alliance barely recovered but it still kept going.

Im the times of Cade Skywalker the Underworld the underworld was mostly controlled by the Hutts and still was effected by the Vongspawn virus. 

So there is a quick rundown of the history of the Coruscanti underworld I hope you all enjoyed.

A Longer Introduction

Hello everyone my name is Holden but I am better known on the internet as Lazy Storm Trooper. I already did a shorter intro in my post on the State of Star Wars Video Games I did a few weeks ago but since everyone was doing longer introduction I decided to do one to.

To start off I am the youngest member of the team being only in high school.  As a surprising fact at first I hated Star Wars. It was around 2005 and there was a marathon going by release date as a lead in to Episode III. I only saw two scenes. One in Episode IV (were Obi-Wan shuts down the tractor beams on the Death Star) and one in Episode II (were Padme falls out of the gunship). My younger self thought that it was boring and I did not even think about Star Wars for years.

Then in 2008 I went the midnight release of The Clone Wars movie with my cousin. That was the day I became a fan. I read Tim Zahn’s Visions of the Future, Death Star, and Jedi Quest and loved it. I watched episodes of The Clone Wars when I could and started my collection Star Wars books.

Now six years later I own all but seventeen of the novels and have been registered on the Jedi Council Forums for a little over a year. You could say that my life has been influenced by Star Wars quite a lot and when when Disney brought the franchise and announced the Sequel Trilogy I was surprised.

So that me in a nutshell. Hoped you all enjoyed.

The Canceled Games

Hello again everyone, it’s me LazyStormTrooper again. Today, as a sequel to my article on the State of Star Wars games, I will be talking about the games that were canceled this past April upon the closure of LucasArts. I will only be talking about 1313, First Assault and the social game Outpost as they are the only games we knew anything about.To start I will talk about the only officially announced game which is 1313.

Back in June of 2012 at E3 LucasArts announced their first in-house developed title since The Force Unleashed 2. It was called 1313.The game was going to run on the Unreal 3 engine. From the trailers, we saw that the game’s story was based on a bounty hunter going to Level 1313 in the deep Coruscanti underworld. We saw little gameplay but from what we did see it almost looked like an Uncharted game in the Star Wars universe. But like all the other games I will be detailing today it stopped its development in October of 2012 and later to be canceled in April of 2013.

Now unto Star Wars: First Assault. This game was only truly leaked around March 2013 but we had known that a Star Wars title named First Assault was at least on the drawling boards since early 2012 when LucasArts registered it copyright. Out of these three games I am writing about today, this was the one I was most looking forward to. The bad part was that when it was canceled it was 99% done. The only thing that they had to really had to do left was to release it (this is of course just leaked info). But if it is really done,

But now let’s talk about the details of the game. The game was a (about) twenty dollar XBLA/PSN first-person shooter multiplayer based game taking place in the time of the Galactic Civil War. Also if the game did well LucasArts would have consider making a Battlefront III (which we are getting anyways now or at least a new installment in the franchise).The game had amazing graphics that looked on par with most games today. It also looked fun to play and even may have had a campaign (We got a cutscene which may or may not have been for multiplayer). And to say again in case you guys up up at Disney did not hear me the first time, RELEASE THE DARN GAME NOW!!!

Lastly the game we know the least about, Outpost. This game was suppose to be Star Wars’ response to games likes of Farmville and FarmTown which have become popular to the casual gaming audience. We have no idea of its price point and while doing research for this post I could not even find anything about it (I originally heard about the game on the ForceCast podcast).

Well that was a quick rundown of the canceled games that we know at least something about.

I would also like to tell everyone that the Republic Sports Radio podcast while be premiering two day from now on Sunday with host Heels and MandaloreYak.

My Top Ten Best Star Wars Games

Hello again! It’s me Lazy and as I promised I am counting down my top ten best Star Wars games of all time (I also said worst but had a troubling time trying to pick the game for that). But before I start I would like to point out that these are games I played or heard about from friends. So you may or may not agree with this list but I encourage you to tell me your choices in the comments below.

Now time for the list:

10 – Lego Star Wars III

The Lego video game series is known for it fun and innovative gameplay. The Star Wars games in the series have been some of the best. The reason LSW III is so high on the list is because that even with its new and improved space battles and it levels following the many episodes of The Clone Wars TV show, it felt to different. The LSW and LSW II were both straight forward games. You had the three movies in each games respective trilogy with six levels for each. But at least for me Lego Star Wars III was just to big.

9 – The Force Unleashed

While this game does get a bad rap is fun to play and has a good story. Getting to be Darth Vader’s secret apprentice and going a slicing up both Imperials and Rebels was extremely fun. Plus with a PT feel set in the OT time period I think that really does help the two movie trilogies fit together.

8 – Angry Birds Star Wars 

Last year right before my thanksgiving vacation I brought this game on my iPod to play in the car. While I had only had played the first Angry Birds game a little bit this game easily got me back into the loop. Also it was very handy at the hotel when my hotel’s wi-fi went out.

7 – Starfighter

While I never finished this this game I did play enough so that I knew it was a good game. Its was challenge and tough and possibly the best Star Wars space flight simulator game since the X-Wing series.

6 – Battlefront II

While this game is number one on a lot of top ten Star Wars games lists I decided to put  here for a few reasons. Firstly, while I love the Battlefront series but I felt this game was really only a DLC for the first. I mean that while their were new levels to play on but still it did not feel too different from the original game. Also for me the HUD was to gimmicky compared to the original’s.

5 – The Old Republic

Man this game is fun. I have not played a lot but when I do I really like. Not much else to say…

4 – Knights of the Old Republic

What is there really to say for this game. You pretty much go though a epic quest with your own character. Possibly one of the best Star Wars stories ever told in a video game.

3 – Republic Commando

Want a version of Halo in the Star Wars universe? Yeah! Want to play as a awesome clone commando? Yeah! Well what is not to love about Republic Commando?

2 – Lego Star Wars II

Lego Star Wars II was the first game I played on my 360 and when I said I played I played hundreds hours of the game. I pretty much grew up playing it and when my first Xbox got red ring this was the game that I was most sad at losing my save file for.

1 – Battlefront (2004)

While I did not put as many hours into this game as Lego Star Wars II I have even more fond memories based around the game. I played it first-person so when I went running though Ren Var (my favorite maps) I felt like a real clone trooper. Let’s just say that this game was awesome.

Now that I am done with my top ten games I would love for you guys to post you own countdowns in the comments below. Either way this is LazyStormTrooper signing out.

The State of Star Wars Video Games


Hello readers, my name is Lazy Stormtrooper and as a quick introduction to myself, I love to talk about Star Wars (why I am here) , editing videos is one of my favorite thing s to do in life and I love to play video games. So today as my first post I will be discussing the State of Star Wars video games since the Disney buyout in late 2012.

As we all know by now (unless you have been living under a rock), Disney has bought Lucasfilm (which came w/  the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises) and announced Star Wars: Episode VII. After that happened the internet exploded with rampart rumors and speculation and personally I started jumping off walls. But during this time LucasArts which was also brought in the acquisition was quietly put on standby.

When this happened six games stopped their development (along with an online service that was suppose to revolutionize the industry). These games included 1313, First Assault, Outpost, also a open-world RPG, another first-person shooter and a flight-sim.

In March 2013 the news of the of the pause hit fans and gamers alike and it was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in sadness. Pretty much everyone one who was following any of those project were saddened by the news. If these games did well it would be the start of a new golden age for LucasArts. Even notable internet personalities such as some of the cast of the Youtube channel SmoshGames talked about how they were disappointed in the halting of these projects (for them they were mostly looking forward to 1313). But then it got worse.

On April 3rd, 2013, about one month after the news of the “pausing” of the aforementioned projects The Walt Disney Company closed LucasArt’s development division. 150 people lost their jobs and the company was reduced to only about ten workers who would run the licensing department for any new games to be developed from the the series LucasArts used to create/distribute. At this point in time the future of Star wars games were unknown. All of the games that were in development at the time were deemed by the public to be canceled till further notice (still waiting for that further notice). The only news we got in this time period was that a RPG-game set in the Dark Times era was in the concept phases but that was quickly debunked.

Then on May 6th, 2013, Disney made a conversational move and official declared that all Star Wars games in the near-future will be made by Electronic Arts and its subsidiaries. While personally I kinda liked the move as in some of my favorite game series are made under the EA name brand such as Need for Speed, Mass Effect, and Battlefield. But a large number of people did not like the polices EA had in place with online passes and their downloadable content (Note that since the announcement on May 6th EA has halted it Online Pass program for any new games). Then everyone forgot about all of that (for he most part) when EA developer, DICE, announced the reboot of the Battlefront franchise at EA’s E3 press conference.

Now, even though EA’s DLC polices are still debatable the future of Star Wars gaming looks amazing. With legendary developers like BioWare, DICE, and Visceral designing more parts of the Star Wars galaxy to play in it and rumors of a Jedi Knight 3 in development along with Battlefront it looks like we are going to have an awesomely fun next few years.

Come back soon for my top ten best and worst Star Wars games of all time.

Also if you have any constructive criticism or suggestion for what I should write for future posts please tell in the comments. Thank you.