A Longer Introduction

Hello everyone my name is Holden but I am better known on the internet as Lazy Storm Trooper. I already did a shorter intro in my post on the State of Star Wars Video Games I did a few weeks ago but since everyone was doing longer introduction I decided to do one to.

To start off I am the youngest member of the team being only in high school.  As a surprising fact at first I hated Star Wars. It was around 2005 and there was a marathon going by release date as a lead in to Episode III. I only saw two scenes. One in Episode IV (were Obi-Wan shuts down the tractor beams on the Death Star) and one in Episode II (were Padme falls out of the gunship). My younger self thought that it was boring and I did not even think about Star Wars for years.

Then in 2008 I went the midnight release of The Clone Wars movie with my cousin. That was the day I became a fan. I read Tim Zahn’s Visions of the Future, Death Star, and Jedi Quest and loved it. I watched episodes of The Clone Wars when I could and started my collection Star Wars books.

Now six years later I own all but seventeen of the novels and have been registered on the Jedi Council Forums for a little over a year. You could say that my life has been influenced by Star Wars quite a lot and when when Disney brought the franchise and announced the Sequel Trilogy I was surprised.

So that me in a nutshell. Hoped you all enjoyed.


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