Republic Sports Radio E01: No-Show Moreno (NFL Preview)

Greetings, all.  SWRISE is proud to release the first episode of Republic Sports Radio.

A few show notes, right off the bat.

1) We are aware of, and apologize for the “wind tunnel” effect during the primary interview, always a dreaded possibility in podcasting.  I am looking into the source of this, and it should be fixed by next week.  Our editing minimized it as much as possible this week.

2) Doug Martin is incorrectly called the “pocket hamster,” when in fact he is the “muscle hamster.”  I don’t know what either of these are, but I’d rather be a hamster with muscles than a hamster in a pocket.

3) Big thank you to Yak, who provided great commentary.  We look forward to producing many more episodes, with rotating show hosts to get some new voices in as well.

Enjoy week 1 of the season!



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  1. That Anquan Boldin prediction by Yakkers didn’t pan out so well!

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