Saturday Morning Comics: Obsession #1


Not many cooler covers out there than this. But does the story live up to it?

Happy Saturday morning, readers!  Today we have the second installment of our weekly Saturday Morning Comics series, in which we been a five-part look at the comic series that leads up to ROTS, entitled “Obsession.”  Throughout the series, we’ll come into contact with a who’s who of Clone Wars villains, ranging from Durge to Grievous, but this first issue serves primarily as a lead-in to establish what drives the series.

After a year on the front lines, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker (now a Knight) have been given some respite, a bit of vacation, as ordered by the Jedi Council.  Anakin beelines straight for Naboo, where his wife awaits him.  Obi-Wan journeys to the world of Trigalis, on his own personal mission, an investigation/vendetta against the believed-dead Asajj Ventress.  The story opens with Obi-Wan on a swoop bike, decked out in Republic Commando armor, bossing a few Black Sun thugs on his way to what appears to be a palace of sorts.  Once there, he meets Aayla Secura, who is on an official mission of her own, one that Yoda has told Obi-Wan to stay away from.  After giving Kenobi some grief about not taking his leave, Obi-Wan gets some intel on the Black Sun leader, Xist (who resembles Xizor), who is masquerading as a common criminal boss, but actually feeding weapons to the CIS and Dooku.

Xist has quite the reputation as a dueler, to the point that Aayla actually warns Obi-Wan against engaging him.  Of course, that’s never our protagonist, now has it?  After Xist’s security detail is taken down, the two warriors engage, with Xist wielding what can be assumed to be a vibrowhip (although the art makes it rather unclear).


Although getting roughed up a bit, Kenobi reveals his true intentions- finding Asajj Ventress- and overwhelms the Black Sun Commander, who relents and retreats to his palace for negotiations. Xist acknowledges that his loyalty to Dooku has a price, but Obi-Wan brushes this aside and continues to press for information on Ventress, who was believed to be killed on Coruscant by Anakin.  Meanwhile, Anakin, on Naboo, seems disturbed by the fact that Obi-Wan won’t accept the Sith assassin’s death, and tells Padme as much.

Xist informs Obi-Wan that Ventress has been contracted to take out a wealthy Corellian, Drama Korr, and is set to ambush him in the skies above Maramere in the coming days.  Kenobi contacts the Jedi Council to plead for their approval to engage, telling them that Ventress could “destroy entire armies” and “wipe out entire worlds.”

Wait, what?

Sure, she gave Anakin a nice love tap across the eye, and she’s captured Kenobi once or twice.  Other than that, Ventress is the personification of Charlie Brown with the football when it comes to accomplishing tasks for the CIS, and Sidious knows as much, when he orders Dooku to cast her aside after repeated failures.  Sure, she took down Scout and Whie’s generic masters on Vjun, and has been known to hold her own, but a destroyer of worlds?  I don’t see it.  Are we to assume that the author is overevaluating Ventress, or is it intended to show an intensity and obsession (ding!) in the notoriously even-tempered Kenobi with Ventress?  Seems a bit out of character.

Aayla offers her assistance and her starfighter, and although Kenobi asks her to stay, he does take the starfighter and assures the Twi’lek Jedi that he will call Anakin for help, before engaging Ventress out of hyperspace, and the story wraps.  I’m sure Anakin will take that well.

Next week, we head into the second episode of this series, in which we will watch our heroes face off with Durge, perhaps the strangest of the Clone Wars villains, but a fearsome one, nonetheless .

Tomorrow morning, we’ll take a look Rising Malevolence in our weekly Clone Wars review, and, as mentioned by Lazy Storm Trooper, we will release the first episode of Republic Sports Radio,

Enjoy your Saturday.  -Drew


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