My Top Ten Best Star Wars Games

Hello again! It’s me Lazy and as I promised I am counting down my top ten best Star Wars games of all time (I also said worst but had a troubling time trying to pick the game for that). But before I start I would like to point out that these are games I played or heard about from friends. So you may or may not agree with this list but I encourage you to tell me your choices in the comments below.

Now time for the list:

10 – Lego Star Wars III

The Lego video game series is known for it fun and innovative gameplay. The Star Wars games in the series have been some of the best. The reason LSW III is so high on the list is because that even with its new and improved space battles and it levels following the many episodes of The Clone Wars TV show, it felt to different. The LSW and LSW II were both straight forward games. You had the three movies in each games respective trilogy with six levels for each. But at least for me Lego Star Wars III was just to big.

9 – The Force Unleashed

While this game does get a bad rap is fun to play and has a good story. Getting to be Darth Vader’s secret apprentice and going a slicing up both Imperials and Rebels was extremely fun. Plus with a PT feel set in the OT time period I think that really does help the two movie trilogies fit together.

8 – Angry Birds Star Wars 

Last year right before my thanksgiving vacation I brought this game on my iPod to play in the car. While I had only had played the first Angry Birds game a little bit this game easily got me back into the loop. Also it was very handy at the hotel when my hotel’s wi-fi went out.

7 – Starfighter

While I never finished this this game I did play enough so that I knew it was a good game. Its was challenge and tough and possibly the best Star Wars space flight simulator game since the X-Wing series.

6 – Battlefront II

While this game is number one on a lot of top ten Star Wars games lists I decided to put  here for a few reasons. Firstly, while I love the Battlefront series but I felt this game was really only a DLC for the first. I mean that while their were new levels to play on but still it did not feel too different from the original game. Also for me the HUD was to gimmicky compared to the original’s.

5 – The Old Republic

Man this game is fun. I have not played a lot but when I do I really like. Not much else to say…

4 – Knights of the Old Republic

What is there really to say for this game. You pretty much go though a epic quest with your own character. Possibly one of the best Star Wars stories ever told in a video game.

3 – Republic Commando

Want a version of Halo in the Star Wars universe? Yeah! Want to play as a awesome clone commando? Yeah! Well what is not to love about Republic Commando?

2 – Lego Star Wars II

Lego Star Wars II was the first game I played on my 360 and when I said I played I played hundreds hours of the game. I pretty much grew up playing it and when my first Xbox got red ring this was the game that I was most sad at losing my save file for.

1 – Battlefront (2004)

While I did not put as many hours into this game as Lego Star Wars II I have even more fond memories based around the game. I played it first-person so when I went running though Ren Var (my favorite maps) I felt like a real clone trooper. Let’s just say that this game was awesome.

Now that I am done with my top ten games I would love for you guys to post you own countdowns in the comments below. Either way this is LazyStormTrooper signing out.


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  1. Great post! Alright, I’m going to give my top 5 a stab here.

    5- KOTOR II. Traya talks..a lot. Outside of that, the story is close to hitting a KOTOR level, and the supporting characters are as good, if not better.

    4- TOR. Currently wading through this universe, and it is just huge. Leaves a bit to be desired in some areas, but it is great fun.

    3- Revenge of the Sith. I can’t even begin to count how many times I played this game through, mostly with cheats. And then the battle mode, where Mace Windu could face off with Count Dooku, and satisfy geek dreams..yeah, it was great.

    2-KOTOR. I remember an entire week in college, where I played this game through the night, every night. I would go to class, then nap, then wake up and play. The single most captivating story I have ever seen in a game.

    1-Battlefront II. I still play it, and it’s still just as great. The concept is perfect, and the modding done by the PC community over the last 7-8 years has been outstanding.

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